Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One Big Blur

It has been awhile since my last post and I just wanted to share some thoughts I have had the last couple of days.

Our fast paced society has always wanted things instantly! Instant coffee, instant, oatmeal, instant weight loss, even instant dinners!! Looking back on the last 2 months I can say my life has been a blur. I have been working two trials. That have consumed my time. And about to head to a Federal court trial in a week.

The first trial was a four week trial in Downtown LA that consisted of 18hr days and poor sleep due to being away from my bed. But I was able to use out 70" SmartBoard TV (no annotations). Also was able to take away some learning points for our future trials. At the same time one of out firm partners started another trial on San Bernardino and I am now currently on week four of that trial. Needless to say I have only been home on the weekends. And once done with this trial I start another 3 week trial in Federal court in Los Angeles.

When one is going at full throttle all the time some things just get lost in the mix. But I have learned to take a minute and just breath and take in the important things in life. I was in trial during Mother's Day, My Birthday, Father's Day, My girlfriend's birthday and time away from my parents. Luckily I was able to be home on the weekends and celebrate then.

Even though I pour all my attention and time to these things when am there I realize that the "downpour" of time can not make up for the missed time. Yes the horseback riding the trips to Disneyland and the dinners can all numb out that feeling of missing your loved ones but can not replace that day to day interactions.

Also my toughmudder training has not been up to par. I know come July 7th I will realize just how short on my training I really was. But I look forward to the challenge. And know that if I can face this obstacle then it will help with other challenges life can throw our way!

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