Thursday, November 15, 2012

Brown Bag 'N It!

We have all been there, you are standing in line to the most tolerable restaurant that is in a close proximity to your office. As you approach you are greeted with a "your usual?". You almost zombie like hand the your Visa card over to the overworked underpaid employee and realize you just paid another $11.35 for your lunch, drink and the inevitable crash to come. You take the greased stained bag or Styrofoam box back to your break room and think man I need to change my eating habits and I need to stop paying so much for my lunches.

This was me two months ago I was among those that flocked to their nearby "hole-in-the-wall" places and indulged in the the over fried, overpriced phenomena that is the "Lunch Rush".  I have been doing this for as long as I have been working, not thinking about how much money I have actually spent on my lunch but as a single that was not really a concern to me. Now the dynamics have changed. I now have a goal, a new found joy and an sure many would agree, a person you love so much you wish you never meet them yet you cant live with out them, yes am talking about the Girlfriend. My goal was two prong to stay fit and to save money for that ever so elusive "rock", "Ice", "bling" call it what you may but many of us know how expensive it can get "eating right" and saving money at the same time.

At first my goal was to simply not spend as much money (for saving purposes). So I make a sandwich the night before and prepare my lunch the night before. But time quickly stepped in the way: the planning, the grocery shopping, the preparation and the ultimate unfamiliarity of the whole process quickly bored me. Also I have been getting busier at work and have not been able to go on my regular running ritual after work and now that the weather is getting colder I find myself more reluctant to head the gym. So my goal was to eat right. Well that quickly was thrown aside for the ease of simply cooking a bigger dinner and placing some left overs in a container for the next days lunch!! EASY!!! WINNING. Now I am not the type of person that says i eat that yesterday eww. I actually found myself enjoying my lunches and I was the envy of the break room with some nice homemade meals and on top of that I started seeing a difference in my savings account!

Now the only think killing me is am eating two dinners a day and am not exercising as much. Well at least am getting ready for the cold winter months??

Well either way I am happy and am also motivating me to get some great nighttime outdoor cold weather running gear any suggestions??

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