Tuesday, June 4, 2013

3 Short iPhone Tips I learned Today

Read Selected Text – When would you rather listen than read? Like when you’re driving or at the gym, maybe when you don't wanna strain your eyes reading a long article or email? Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on “Speak Selection.” When you select a body of text, a “Speak” option appears in the pop-up menu. Enjoy. works best if in a quit environment or using headphones.

Quickly View Browsing History – When browsing in Safari, you can navigate menu options to view your history. First, press and hold down the the Back button. must HOLD and then your previous visited sites will appear and one can choose the desired page.

iPhone Tips Large Text
Increase Font Size – iOS font size too small for you? It’s easy to increase the default font size in Mail, Text Messages, Notes and Calendar: Go to Settings > General > Accessibility, and tap “Large Text.” Or you can hold out for Apple to introduce and even bigger screen. Ehh who knows. but please Apple wow me!

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