Thursday, June 20, 2013

Runner/Cyclist vs Drivers

It happens every-time I go running on the town. Drivers almost hit me!! This one time I even did a hood slide like Bo Duke on Avenue K when a car was turning right and did not notice me nor the green man giving me a right of way and essentially a red turn arrow for him. The look on his face was priceless! Gladly I was not hurt and the look on his passenger was also priceless!! He ended up pulling in to the next shopping center to no doubt let the fear subside.

I follow the rules, I look both way I even run with one ear bud and low volume to hear my surroundings!! But still cars do not look both ways while merging!! Whether it be at a driveway intersection or a 4 way stop. driver just are not paying attention.
So drivers please watch out for those using the sidewalks and bike lanes! I would hate to become a client of my own employer but most importantly get injured because of someones  carelessness. But a warning to you fellow runners be aware and be careful cause drivers are not used to runners out here in this desert climate.

So have any of you cyclist or runners have a close call? or have been injured? hopefully not serious but be careful out there!! But if you end up getting hurt by no fault of your own check us out here: R Rex Parris Law Firm

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