Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One Month Trial - the crash

Our Firms trial team recently finished a four week trial and I was able to learn so much from it as I do from every trial. While gone for such a long time ones personal details are left to fend for themselves. imagine having to get suits, shirts and ties cleaned and steamed during the weekend and still having to work. Bills go unpaid, hours of sleep go neglected and friendships get distant. Luckily I have the best fiancé in the world that understands and is very supportive of me. we have made a great team and she has helped me, she has stayed up late at night cause I said I would call her. One must put the effort in to have a balance.

Yet all of the details of life still need to go on. And with today's mobile world and on the go mentally I was able to get all this done from my iPad and laptop. One of the selling points of any service or sign up for I always look into the mobile side of there services. Do they have an app? Do they have good customer service or is it all automated? 

The work our firm invested is a testament of how fierce we fight for our clients and how much we will battle for the protection of those injured or wronged by the negligence of others. 

On the flip side working so many hours there is a crash after one get back from any trial. I have not had that luxury to take the week off but I will be taking Friday off for our engagement session and hopefully next week a trip to Disneyland! Also my fitness goals have suffered and I feel so bad! The day I finished trial I hit the pavement and it feels good. Starting running again during my lunch hour and I get a surge to get me through my day.
It is vital one recoups and rest after a long stint in the trenches. 

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