Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mediations and Down Time

We have all been in that situation where your are involved in a very important meeting that has to place and there is inevitably some major downtime. Mediation's come to mind, this blog came to mind while in one. If you are not familiar with a mediation my typical suggestions is to start watching Fairly Legal.

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For me my involvement can get as deep as I would like to let it get. I can be the fly on the wall sort of say or I can just simply go about do my AV equipment set up and wonder the skyscraper or the sights around town (I may step out to take a brisk walk and get some blood flow) but I truly enjoy getting in to the deep of it. I have seen how multi million dollar settlements and deals have gone down and how one must bargain to get the best possible outcome for the client.
But lets cut the bull even if you are an attorney participating in the Mediation there is HOURS of down time! In fact this entire blog was thought of, written, edited and posted all from the down time I had at a Mediation I am currently on now! And I have some of the brightest minds sitting around me in an executive conference room reading off iPad, iPhones, laptops and listening to voicemails from emails. There time is valuable and they get work done.

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Buuuuttt...... they make it a point to walk around the halls and meet other parties and talk the legal climate and meet with other mediators and attorneys to see how things are going and whats working for them and whats not. They are doing much more than just "shooting the breeze", they are building relationships and they are getting their name and the name of the Firm out there!
When we have meditations it usually consist of several sessions, multi million dollar deals don't get hashed out in a few hour, its takes several sessions of negotiations. We usually produce a "day in the life' video and a "20/20" type settlement video that we show to all parties and carriers. The set up and making sure this video works and plays and the projector or TV is all set up, pretty much covers my principle responsibilities. So that leaves me time to catch up on a lot of personal stuff I can start to write down an action list of what I need to do and to make some personal phone calls or to write my blog!

So what do you guys in the legal field do while waiting around at meditations?

I find myself trying to stay away from all the goodies and snacks that this executive high rise building has to offer because ToughMudder is no joke and I can't have junk food just cause am waiting around.

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