Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Updates on all Fronts

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The iPad has been released, new apple TV, "Fairly Legal", resumes, and my toughmudder is quickly approaching! These last few weeks have been a whirl wind, both professionally and personally, but that is life and that is when the cream rises. I truly enjoy it when I am put to the test. pressure is a good thing.

In regards to work I have been tasked with yet another new an exciting venture that will had been a great journey and will update you on the results once done, but I can tell you this it involved tech and a big trial lasting 3 weeks. And it all starts on Monday! It is GO TIME!! #KCCO.

(This really does not go with the blog description but on a personal note:)
Also in December my mother slipped and fell while visiting my sister in Mexico and had to have surgery in one of her tendons on her shoulder, she is doing well in rehab but it is truly  a blessing to have her back home for a while. Doctor says she will be at least three more weeks of intense therapy to allow here to get full range of motion (this is the most painful part) keep her in your prayer and that would be appreciated! So after reading this if you are fortunate enough to have your mother in your life send a random text or call to your mother and tell her how much she means to you!
While am at it also I love the feeling of spending as much as your "free" time with a truly amazing person, my girlfriend, she pushes me to BE better in so many aspect of my life!

NOW ToughMudder is only 115 days and a bit over 10hrs!! Am really feeling the excitement. My training has been going well and my running distance has gone up but I still need to push some more in my distance and on my legs exercises (hear socal#2 hills are killer). Might as well throw in more core work to get ready for some summer time!!! Tell you what those stubborn "love handles" will be addressed!! My eating has changed and I can see the results. But I still could do with out some of my cheats foods! Eating breakfast has helped with my metabolism and now I need to add more veggies and less carbs.

So remember that basketball league our attorneys joined awhile back? Well the number are starting to dwindle, so I am trying to get these guys motivated and telling to make it as important as any other event on their iPhone calendars. But I do enjoy the sprint work i get to put in during our weekly monday night games. only draw back is that some injuries can arise. Last week a fellow mudder twisted an ankle and was laid up for two weeks and last night I jammed my finger and is now turning colors but hey Big Mudder is not forgiving so train hard!!! Also team work in the office has gone up among those that participate on the Monday games!

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