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It's refreshing to write about some good news—as a Santa Clarita truck accident lawyer, it's not often that we get to focus on positive news coming out of the trucking industry. Usually, it's the negligent conduct of either irresponsible truck drivers or the truck operators that hire them that get our attention.

Recently, however, at the Riverside Convention Center, Stater Brothers Supermarkets employees honored 297 drivers for 3,572 years of accumulated safe driving. Of the current roster, 10 drivers have travelled in excess of two million accident-free miles.

In California, truck accident lawyers don't tend to hear about such an accomplishment—not only by the drivers, but also by a company that appears to value accountability.

Sadly, this is the exception. Our Lancaster highways are overridden with unqualified drivers, unsafe trucks and operators who are not accountable. Little wonder R. Rex Parris' truck accident lawyers in Santa Clarita are in such demand.

There are too many examples of why victims seek out truck accident attorneys. Witness a resident of Long Beach, California--a truck driver and an admitted user of methamphetamine-- ploughing into another rig in Oregon and killing a father of four. The trucking operator did not conduct random drug testing of its drivers—nor did it have valid insurance on the day of the 2008 accident.

The $5.2 million truck accident settlement will not bring back a valued husband and father.

R. Rex Parris recently shared news of a $10.5 million settlement--the result of a horrendous Lancaster, CA accident involving a DHL delivery truck and an innocent victim. The DHL driver had run a red light while travelling at 50 mph, striking the passenger side of the victim's vehicle as it waited in the intersection to make a left turn. The truck accident left the victim seriously injured.

The question is what caused the accident?

Perhaps the investigating Sheriff's Deputy's testimony tells that story: the DHL driver had admitted to smoking marijuana on the morning of the Lancaster accident.

Notwithstanding the commendable actions of Stater Brothers of San Bernardino, CA and its California truck drivers, our Santa Clarita truck accident attorneys will continue to make available our expertise for plaintiffs or their loved ones negatively impacted by the actions of irresponsible truckers.

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