Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday: Trial Date Moved Keep Calm and Chive on!

There is nothing like gearing up and prepping for trial, on my end that entail a bit, equipment check, exhibits database on both Sanctions 2 laptop software and the iPad app Trial Pad, exemplars in box, trial supply boxes for both war room and court room, all my connectors chargers and adaptors and the list goes on. This does not include my personal stuff of course: my suits for 2 weeks and all I would need while gone from the office for that same time period. So a lot of work is put into just getting ready to go to trial, now imagine I had to prep for two trials going on the
same week!! Well that just happened, the plan was to get the local trial all set and running and give a crash course on the exhibit call up procedures to another employee, and pray to God that nothing out of the ordinary would happen in that smaller trial that was set for a week and a half, I would set up all equipment and tape down all wires and load the exhibit database and then head straight to LA to do the same and hunker down for my 2+ week trial. The task seemed daunting to say the least but with a great team and a gung ho attitude we were all set for both trials.

Not to mention when I go to trial for that amount of time I like to spend as much time with my girl during the week before, so on a positive note we were able to spend some good time together, and since the one trail settled before the trial date and the other got continued the getaway trip planned to Disneyland is still on baby!! "Am going to Disneyland". But there is always that cloud of looming that has you thinking the calm before the storm is coming and it is really about to get busy!

Its Monday morning and I take a look at the trial calendar and I knew it busy nest few months. The summer time blues might just hit me. But no worries I thrive on the hard to do and the demanding! Also the "motivational Mondays" help! So happy Monday and remember keep calm and chive on! Chivers.

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