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It's a fair question. After all, shows like Judge Judy or Judge Joe Brown make it look like anyone can get up and represent themselves in court--so why not go for it? Of course, small claims cases differ from larger personal injury lawsuits. And that's where it really makes sense to seek out a Santa Clarita attorney.

Personal injury law can be complex--it truly is like learning another language. And not everyone likes to cozy up with hard-bound volumes of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, for example. It's definitely not light reading--but if you're going to file an injury claim or a personal injury lawsuit, it helps to have someone who's familiar with civil procedure law--and who can 'translate' it for you.

Someone like a Santa Clarita personal injury lawyer

The need for an attorney actually becomes apparent right after an injury has occurred--and yet many times victims will try to resolve things on their own. For example, a victim may have a Lancaster car accident injury or a Santa Clarita personal injury claim and try to resolve it on his own with his insurance company. Unfortunately, the insurer doesn't have your best interest at heart--its goal is to make money, not send it to you. Or, you may be badly injured and unable to keep up with the paperwork, reports, and quite frankly, arguing, that you'd need to do in order to see any compensation. Your lawyer is your advocate to ensure your legal bases are covered and that you receive proper damages for your injury claim.
But beyond haggling with an insurance company, a Santa Clarita attorney will understand all aspects of the law that affect your case.

Take something like statute of limitations--which is how long you have to file a lawsuit. Most people think 'statute of limitations' means you have 2 years to file a lawsuit. Period. But it's not that simple. In fact, for a California personal injury claim, you may have 2 years to file but most wrongful death claims have only 1 year (except in asbestos lawsuits or medical malpractice lawsuits). And statute of limitations rules differ from state to state.

Understanding legalese can be difficult and it's our job to help you navigate this world.

There's an old saying--"Lawyers. Who needs 'em?"--usually said in a derogatory way. But when you have a personal injury claim and you need legal help, you really do need a lawyer. Better to have one on your side.

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