Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: NikeFuel Band day at Disneyland

Nike doesn't come short with this product. I had a few questions while I waited to get my hands on one of these bad boys. But it all makes sense now. First the wait was horrible! I was like trolling twitter waiting for the "tweet" telling me that I had the opportunity to try to get my hands on the wonderful new piece of equipment. IF you don't know what a NikeFuel band is here is a quick rundown: it is a cool watch, pedometer, calorie calculator, and a 'goal' tracker.

Nike went with its own proprietary "unit" of measurement called "Fuel" it is a measurement of your activity you have engaged in during your day. The band work simultaneously with the app. From the app you can set and edit your goal. The real kicker for me is that the app helps with tracking your progress and your "fuel" for the week and month.

As a current Nike+ member and user I would use the Nike+ GPS to track my running. It captures maps, distance, calories, average pace, and syncs to most social networks on top of your Nike account. I use the dailymile widget on this blog to post my runs on my homepage. This is synced to my workouts on my Nike account. This left me wondering how my fuel would interact with my GPS runs.

Jennifer Hanley-Pinto wins the 2011 Disney’s Princess Half Marathon
The best way that it manage these tools is to run my GPS app when I go for a run and still wear my band (band is not currently equipped with GPS, hopefully in the next generation model). I am always wearing my band and sync it at end of day. The band actually looks pretty good with whatever you are wearing. I wear it with my dress shirts and suits and still looks classy, I wore it yesterday in shorts and a polo while at Disneyland and looked sporty (trust me a day at disneyland #counts cause I easily made my goal). The band helps with having a higher level of activity on your normal day to day task and lifestyle (helpful on your "off" days for your workouts).

Some things that don't sync. On the dailymile site my fuels credits don't count as "activity" (makes sense). be cool in next generation of band if it had GPS and can switch to a workout mode to be able to track data separately for that specific workout (ie: my running, like to know distance, pace, calories with out an extra app). But these are all #FirstWorldProblems, Go ahead and try to get your hand a on your own band and #MakeItCount.

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