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Featured in "Lawyer Tech Review"

 Am a subscriber to "Lawyer Tech Review" it features attorneys that like to chat about tech and app that they enjoy using and that help them be more productive in their work life. This Friday my submissions were posted in the blast. See below on the small blurb from Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.
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Posted: 10 Feb 2012 07:13 AM PST

A trial presentation app for the iPad and a fitness app from Nike

By Geri L. Dreiling, Esq.
Mario Sandoval Trial Tech
Mario Sandoval handles technology for the Lancaster, California-based personal injury law firm R. Rex Parris. When the firm is in trial, Sandoval is in charge of the technology used in court. In-house, he is responsible for managing all of the law firm’s technology and iOS devices – iPhones and iPads – used by the lawyers.
Sandoval, who tweets from @mariosandoval, shares some of his favorite iPhone and iPad apps with Lawyer Tech Review. (Affiliate links below.)


iPad and iPhone

App for work

TrialTouch: Presentation app for iPad
During trial, Sandoval uses TrialTouch, a trial presentation app for the iPad. TrialTouch is a free iPad app. However, it connects to an encrypted cloud server that requires a monthly subscription starting at $69.99 per user.
TrialTouch optimizes videos and images for use on the iPad. It allows users to manage multiple trials at once, upload and download content wirelessly, organize exhibits with an ‘exhibit binder’ feature, blow up select portions of an exhibit and print via WiFi.
“TrialTouch has been a great app during trial,” says Sandoval.

App for fun

Nike iPhone workout app
To track his workouts both indoors and outside, Sandoval likes the Nike + GPS app. The $1.99 app provides feedback during a workout and allows the user to tap the map to see your location.
Sandoval recently pre-ordered the Nike + FuelBand wrist device which will also sync with his iPhone. It tracks the day’s activity, keeps count of all the steps taken and calculates the number of calories burned. However, it won’t be available until Feb. 22.
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