Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Readers are Leaders: What are Listeners?

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I have been engrossed in reading lately. I just finished reading Vince Flynn's book American Assassin and am currently almost done with the audio version of his new book Kill Shot. (also they plan to make a movie based on Mitch Rapp character) I have always enjoyed reading and have started to make an effort to squeeze more time in to get a few books in each year. If you are not a reader start, pick something of interest, series help they have a way of pulling you in. My girlfriend has started reading a 12 book series and I look forward in getting the next book for her once she finished the one she is on. Or even if your into the whole self help books there is plenty good ones out there. Covey, Jim Collins, John Wooden, Ken Blanchard and John C. Maxwell all have a great books out there.

Now how can I squeeze in time to grab a book and remember to lug it around with me wherever I go? I use the unexpected times during my day to read or the drive to LA to listen to some Audio book, I have even tried to listen to them during some of my runs (not the best motivation but working out and listening to a good book at the same time is great)

Think about what it is you always have with you, YOUR CELL PHONE. And there is a 90% chance it is a "smartphone" with that you get a whole array of apps that can help you with always having a book with you. I really like the"kindle" app for my idevice better than apples native ibooks. More selection and I get more points on my Amazon account. It is a flawless sync when I read form my iPad at night to when I have time to pick up right where I left off on my iPhone. But what about when your driving your not going to place your iPad on your dash and read along while your on the parking the called the 405 FWY.

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That's where this nice app called Overdrive comes into play. It has a built in library where you can borrow books both audio and digital copies. So you can just plug in you phone to your AUX input and listen to your book and when your in the mood for some old fashion reading you can get the Digital copy and read it on the apps native eReader.

So what are your thoughts on audio books do they count??

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