Tuesday, February 7, 2012

ToughMudder Update:"Average Joe's"

So I will be participating in ToughMudder Socal#2 in July in Running Springs, Ca. The name of my team is "Average Joe's" It will consist of a coworker i went to high school and college with and two other high school and college friends. (and a few others) but the door is still open for new members!! Let me know if you'd like to join us. It is a great event and it helps the Wounded Warrior Project.

On a "scouting" run a Friend of mine went up there during the snow season and reported back to us that there is a lot of hills! Duh I should have know its a snowboarding location. But this never crossed my mind. I am now at a point in my running that I can do 6mi in under 50min (yes this is on flat ground but still outdoors).

My goal is to be able to accomplish 12 miles by June. As far as my upper body am currently at 15rep of pull-ups 3sets, push ups and at 30reps 3 sets. I want to be at 15reps pull-ups 5sets, 50reps four sets on the pushups by June. but i started to focus in some lower body like my hams and thighs. started doing burpees and those are killer, also did wall sits started at 1min and I wanna work my way up to 3min. Maybe do some more weights with my legs to help with the up hill running coming in July!!.

On another note our Firm basketball team won our first game last night!! we only had 7 players (others were in depos and such) and  had to play all 40 min! Great way to break a sweat!


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