Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Not "on deck", "popping" or "Juicing".

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Since I have been training for ToughMudder SoCal #2 in July I decided to take inventory of what my body is in need of and what it tells me after some of my workouts (if you have not heard about ToughMudder click here). Now am not taking any anabolic stuff or steroids and any of that stuff, not like am a pro player making 6 figures or a competitive body builder. I mean if I wanted to take some of that stuff I wouldn't know where to look, and even the web is a pretty scary place to shop for that kind of stuff. BUT I have taken the occasional creatine, protein, and pre-workout pills.

Am off the creatine since high school, not really looking for mass right now. Really focus on getting lean and more cardio, doing a lot of body weight workout and trying just to get cut up. I was doing a lot of heavy weight two years ago and was up to 305Lbs on the bench, weighing 185lbs. Now it pushup and pull-ups and more running.

Those are a few things that have changed along with now I eat breakfast and smaller meals but more often. But as a result of my running, now up to 7mi in under 56min, my body was in need of some supplements. Never really took vitamins growing up, my mom would always cook well rounded foods that had everything a young boy needed but my knees started to let me know hello your giving us a beating!! 

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So of course I made my way to my local GNC store and loaded up and got some education on the vast world of sports nutrition. I started with pills from Costco of Glucosamine and Fish Oil. Also I purchased a GNC Isolate Protein that is purified and more effective, (next I wanna try egg white international) and a vitamin pak: Mega Men Ripped by GNC. Its been a week and I can definitely feel a difference on my knees joints and wrist. No popping or pain after a workout.

So all you Tough Mudders out there: see you in July at Snow Summit!!!

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