Thursday, February 2, 2012

Up band FAIL and Honey Bunches of Oats for Runners?

"The simple act of tracking activity increases activity 26%"

I had recently bragged on the Jawbone UP band and the concept is great and all but it has earned a FAIL stamp. I received my up band promptly after ordering and was easy to set up and easy to use. The idea of tracking my steps and for it to alarm me to get up from behind my Mac and get a cup of water or take a file over to someone (instead of having the interns do it on the next mail run) was great. My band worked flawlessly for about 2mo then it just stopped working. The Customer Service was great they shipped a replacement band to me quickly and I had another band in no time, but...... in no time did this band stop working (lasted a week). So I just decided to let them work out the kinks and ask for a refund and I received a check the other day and i will be using it towards the new Nike Fuel Band when it comes out.

But now am without any tracking devices that work while doing everyday activities. I already use the Nike+GPS app to record my run times and thats great. 
A question for you more seasoned runners, is running everyday good for you or do you take a day for a shorter distance run twice a week?
am currently running 5miles a day and yesterday i just had to take a break NO running at all cuz the day before on my previous run I could only complete 3 mile because my feet and my calves were in pain. Keep in mind I use the Vibram barefoot runner shoes. Have been for a year now. But now that am running 5miles a day do you take a day where you just do a brisk 2 or 3 or none at all?

Also started to eat cereal at work for my lunch (don't judge me, it saves me money :) and I feel I have more energy during my runs and post run workouts. My bowl of choice Honey Bunches of Oats!!! w/ Almonds of course.

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