Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First Official Day of ToughMudder Training

Push ups, dips & situps in sauna not going to lie almost threw up. #pledge For more information on this event and one near you follow @ToughMudder on Twitter or Click Here
All the sauna room needed was a pull up bar and I would have been set for my workout routine.
So who is going to participate in the July SoCal #toughmudder competition? I have two friends joining me and we need two more to complete a team. Look it up at
The training for this is a great timeout from the daily grind of working in a office or any other environment. I think of this as my stress reliever. A time where everything is put aside and am focused on on thing my workout.

That is unless you get stuck in the sauna with that one lady that talks politics and religion. Don't ruin it for people it's a place to relax and sweat. (Blog on gym etiquette coming soon)
And a great tool to keep track of your progress is your iPhone. There is plenty of apps out there that fit your needs. I use my notepad cause it's always with me and it syncs to my iPad or my Mac also I use Nike+Gps. Check them out in the app store.

So Put the work in just like you do when fighting for your clients rights.

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