Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Gym Rants and Sauna Tips

This is one of my rants! I really do not understand people sometime. The other night I was at the gym and there was this guy half asleep in the spa and half hanging on to the railings. I continued on my business and jumped into pool to do my laps (felt good to have that short of breath feeling) and usually I head to the Sauna to warm up a bit before I head out and do some weights. What do you know, there is that same guy sprawled out on the FLOOR of the suana.
A) Gross - that floor is sooo dirty.
B) you are taking up the space of three people by laying there. At least offer to move over!
Ok glad I got that out. well know that am on the topic of Sauna here are some tips!
Here are some Do's and Dont's I found at this great site
Here are some great links to the benefits of this ritual and stream-baths offer. As a practice I go in to the sauna with sandals and a hand towel. That way I can wipe the sweat of my face while in there. When I plan on being in there for a longer time I also bring in with me a bottle of water.
Remember while in there be polite and keep conversations to a minimum and always in a low voice. Some people use this time as an escape.

Am also really interested into joining Equinox gyms (to pricy right now) there have great amenities and are more of a pampering catering facility. If any one is a member let me know how you like it.

So feel free to tell me any tips you have regarding the sauna and and pet peeves you have at the gym.

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