Monday, January 9, 2012

Mike Miscione on 7 Tips when getting pulled over, and Mario Sandoval on What’s in car?

We all have been in that situation where we see those nice red and blue lights flashing in the rear view mirror. A few things start flashing in my head right away, “how fast was I going, I hope I have my updated insurance cards in my glove box”.
Obviously a responsible driver should always have the proper documentation in his vehicle at all times. But here are a few things I carry with me: Maglight (driver side door), extra car charger (arm rest compartment), pocket sized first aid kit (glove box), sewing kit – never know, I have fixed a button on my suit once (glove box), car battery starter (trunk), small array of hand tool (trunk), Rambo style knife- actually used once (trunk), some work gloves (actually these are not in the glove box weird I know), blanket, warm clothes and a pair of running shoes (trunk).
Now to help me with some tips on what to do when your do see those Christmas lights flashing in January is Mike Miscione. Now am sure you have all been tempted to ask the officer “your not going to check the trunk are you?” So here are some tips:

Mike Miscione is a retired from the California Highway Patrol after 29 years of service with the department and currently works for R. Rex Parris Law Firm as a Field Representative.  During his tenure with the CHP he was a Training Officer for Southern Division Headquarters and trained all area offices in enforcement safety tactics.
  1. Turn off your vehicle and radio
  2. Turn on all interior lights
  3. In the evening, pick an area with a lot of light when pulled over if possible. If on a freeway, always pick a very wide spot or preferably take an off ramp to a safe location.
  4. All persons in the vehicle place hands where Officer can clearly see them, driver’s hands on steering wheel at the twelve o’clock position.
  5. Do not reach into glove compartment until Officer is present at your vehicle while he is walking up on your vehicle
  6. Make very slow movements towards registration and driver’s license and proof of insurance when presenting them to Officer.
  7. Never get out of the vehicle and confront the Officer

More people get out of tickets by telling the truth than by telling lies.

And if you do run into somebody with gloves in their glove box please let me know I know someone who would love to meet them. (inside joke).

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