Friday, January 6, 2012

Staying on Top of things When Traveling

Whether it be for business or pleasure when traveling you often find big blocks of time where you can find some downtime. Be it during the drive to a mediation or deposition, jury trial staying at a hotel or your trip to Hawaii (don't forget my invite). There are many tools out there to be able to work via mobile or iPad. This morning Though about this as I was in a car with my boss as we made an hour drive to Downtown courthouse on a hearing for a big case in our office.

  • Always have a car chargers handy (I carry a Mophie juice pack only when am in trial or on long day trips), what a great time to catch up on emails and handle any ones that require your attention.

  • Listen to your work phone voicemail on you email or phone, AT&T has a service that allows even the solo practitioner to be able to do this or get office calls forwarded its called Office@hand. I set up all of our attorneys up with this in December and they all love it!

  • Another great tool in being able to remote in to your office computer from your ipad. I love this for looking up info that is on our server and database. Check out this app iTap RDP for Ipad by HLW. Its great because it allows fro multiple accounts to be set up on this app and the speed and interface do a good enough job even while on 3g.

  • Take the time to walk as much as possible. For this mornings hearing I parked the car two blocks away and walked to the courthouse but since I was early I took the time to walk another 3 blocks to the corner coffee shop to get a iced green tea (not a Java head my self). When take the stairs or walk up/down the moving escalators. change things up. IF you are lucky enough to live in a big city ride your bike to work.

  • Lastly when in trial I like to pack both relax cloths (jeans and a polo) and workout gear. I love to leave a day of trial go change into my running gear and run the street of downtown LA you see a different side to the city and get a nice workout. Then when done shower and have a dinner pow wow with the attorneys on whats needed for the next day in court.
So what is in your travel check list? leave a comment. 

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