Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RoadID and Survival Straps

RoadID and Survival Straps

What do you take with you on a Run? Phone, keys, wallet, headphones? I know when I go out for a run I try to minimize what’s on hand. I use wireless headphones for no snags, I am looking for a good armband to hold my phone. (not happy with the cheepy from Walmart). Heck I don’t even use shoes. I use my Vibram five finger. How about your ID where do you put that?

My first introduction to RoadID was this Thanksgiving when I participated in a turkey trot a my local YMCA. The running bibs had RoadId plastered all over them. This prompted me to look them up and see what they are all about. You can check them out here for yourself. Basically they are a band that has emergency contact info on it so the idea is when running or cycling and something happens the medical team or good Samaritan can contact someone immediately and get you the specific attention you need and to contact loved ones.  They also now have an interactive one where the doctor can call or log in and find look up your profile that you set up through RoadID. (Monthly cost) Seems to me now a days everyone has there own cloud and set up there own secure portal and get away from paying.

I first saw survival straps in action Hunt to Kill with Steve Austin. Idea was making your watchstrap into 15ft of para-cord. All though there are a lot of these out in the market I prefer these guys. They help with the wounded warrior project. I actually almost used mine while climbing Mt Whitney. It was a scary situation. But I just decided to take a leap and hope for the best. Am thinking of buying a second band one that is not as think the one I currently have bulges a bit much when I wear my suits. So my plan is to buy a RoadID tag and have it embedded with my new survival strap.

Remember drivers are constantly distracted these days and if you go out in the sticks sometime you need to be prepared or if you get unconscious it is important to be able to find out who you are. So remember safety first.

What gear to you use while running? 

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